Lewes County Councillor and MP call on East Sussex County Council for public review of St Anne’s site sale

Lewes ESCC Councillor Rosalyn St Pierre and Norman Baker MP have called for a public review in to the process by which East Sussex County Council has gone through to sell the former St Anne’s School site.

Lewes residents have raised many questions about the process of the sale and although a public meeting was held earlier this week, organised by local residents, people do not feel they are having their questions answered.

Cllr Rosalyn St Pierre saidMany residents have asked that the sale of St Anne’s came under review when questions started to be asked about the lack of consistent information being provided to potential bidders and the lack of answers being provided by the County Council.

“This is a site where we should seeking best value and addressing the community needs that people want but doing so in a way that is not transparent and causes confusion is not the way to proceed. It is for this reason I have requested that a full review in public takes place”

Norman saysI want my constituents to receive the answers they are seeking from East Sussex County Council in the interests of transparency and as of yet that this has not happened.

I hope this public review of the process will enable people to have these questions answered”

Concerns raised regarding St Anne’s site in Lewes

I have recently been contacted by a number of concerned constituents, regarding the sale of the St Anne’s site in Lewes.

I have contacted ESCC to express my concerns at the perceived lack of transparency in the process of sale and have requested that assurance is provided that the sale of the site will not proceed until the community has received clarification and transparency of the process that the bid has gone through

Green light for wind farm “brilliant news for Newhaven” – Says Newhaven MP

Newhaven MP Norman Baker warmly welcomes news that Rampion offshore wind farm, off the coast of Sussex, has today been given consent from the government to go ahead.

This project is expected to support over 750 jobs and bring over £2 billion of investment into the UK’s economy.Once built, the wind farm would generate enough electricity to power approximately 450,000 homes.

Norman has been actively lobbying Energy Secretary Ed Davey on this issue, both to grant permission and to do so quickly to bring further increased investment into the area and securing greener energy sources.

Norman says “This is great news for Newhaven and something I have lobbied hard for. It is positioning Newhaven very well as the South East Centre of offshore renewable technology for the century ahead. It is great for the economy and great for the environment

It is a good thing the Energy Secretary has not listened to the ‘naysayers’ who continually talk down renewable energy.

This offshore renewable energy source will be able to provide energy for approximately 450,000 homes and is an investment in our energy security for the future, helping to make Britain self-sufficient in the future.”

Pavement parking in Lewes could finally be on its way out

Local MP Norman Baker has for years been campaigning to outlaw the anti-social practice in the town but was originally told by the county council they had no powers to deal with it. He then, while transport minister, wrote to them to give them the powers they needed, but still no action followed. Now, following more pressure, the council looks likely to finally act.

In a letter to the MP, the council says: “A report will be presented to Lead Member meeting later this year outlining a process by which some localised restrictions could be introduced and enforced. High Street and School Hill in Lewes will be included in the assessment of that report

Norman says: “This action is long overdue, but I am glad that it seems that the council is finally taking action. Only this week I have had a local resident contact me who had a nasty fall tripping on a broken pavement which required hospital treatment”

“For too long thoughtless drivers have been damaging paving stones, costing the council unnecessary expenditure at a time of tight budgets, and also forcing pedestrians out into the road.”

The MP has also asked the police to take action against pavement parkers when they come across them.