Newhaven MP launches petition for free parking in Newhaven

Newhaven MP Norman Baker is calling on Lewes District Council to provide free car parking in Newhaven to support local businesses.

A petition has been launched by Norman to enable others to show their support for the initiative which would enable people to have free short stay parking in Newhaven town centre for up to 2 hours to encourage people to pop into the town centre and use facilities and services there.

Norman says “Newhaven businesses need the support from Lewes District Council to assist in bringing people back to the town centre of Newhaven.

“Parking is a factor that puts people off from popping into the centre to make use of facilities there, instead of driving out of the town and to areas where free parking is.

“I am disappointed the Tory controlled district council have not taken this chance to support small businesses.

“Lewes District Council have the opportunity to throw the town a life line and support local businesses to have the opportunity to thrive once more in the town.”

The call for free parking is also being supported by Newhaven Chamber of Commerce.

The petition can be accessed online at:

If you would like paper copies of the petition, please do contact our office and we can send them to you.

Norman Baker MP’s update on fire at Newhaven North Quay.

Newhaven MP Norman Baker has spoken with Chief Fire Officer Des Pritchard for an update about the fire at Newhaven North Quay.

Norman saysI am reassured to hear the East Sussex Fire and Rescue are doing all they can to contain and put out the ongoing fire at Newhaven North Quay.

“The Environment Agency, Public Health England and Lewes District Council have been working together for the benefit of all in the surrounding area to keep this incident under control.

“Any risks of contamination to waterways has been prevented by the actions of the fire service, with water sludge being taken to Southern Water Treatment works to prevent any contamination of the surrounding area.

“Although smoke has been present in the area during the tackling of the fire, this is not considered to be toxic but could be an irritant, for that reason the advice for people in the surrounding area has been to keep doors and windows closed.

“200 tonnes of household rubbish is on site but to create a fire break some of this is being moved by 20 tonne tipper trucks.

“East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service are seeking to have the fire out within the next 24 hours.

I am concerned that this appears to be the third incident in as many years within the area and have raised that with East Sussex Fire Rescue Service asking by what means of review and precautions for the future can be made. However the priority must be, at this time, to have the fire put out.

“I wish to pass on my thanks to East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service who should be acknowledge for the ongoing work they are putting into extinguishing the fire, along with the firm Skip It who appear to be doing all they can to co-operate.

Newhaven MP seeks HSBC to revisit bank closure decision

Newhaven MP Norman Baker is seeking that HSBC revisit their decision to close the last bank in Newhaven, following recent announcements of investment into the town and continues to encourage the banking firm to consider leaving a cashpoint in place in the town.

Significant investments into the local economy have been announced throughout July to include planning permission for Newhaven University Technical College providing educational opportunities for 600 students, approval for Rampion Offshore Windfarm positioning Newhaven as the South East Centre of offshore renewable technology and £19 million investment into regeneration for the town to include new port road access.

Norman says “HSBC cannot ignore the substantial investment that is being made into Newhaven, bringing local jobs, development and boosting the local economy. This is a real regeneration boost for the town.

“This is not the right time to be considering closing the Newhaven branch of HSBC, just as the town is getting a boost of funding and will see more people coming into the town. People will want to access banking services locally and not be travelling between towns to get a counter service.”

Green light for wind farm “brilliant news for Newhaven” – Says Newhaven MP

Newhaven MP Norman Baker warmly welcomes news that Rampion offshore wind farm, off the coast of Sussex, has today been given consent from the government to go ahead.

This project is expected to support over 750 jobs and bring over £2 billion of investment into the UK’s economy.Once built, the wind farm would generate enough electricity to power approximately 450,000 homes.

Norman has been actively lobbying Energy Secretary Ed Davey on this issue, both to grant permission and to do so quickly to bring further increased investment into the area and securing greener energy sources.

Norman says “This is great news for Newhaven and something I have lobbied hard for. It is positioning Newhaven very well as the South East Centre of offshore renewable technology for the century ahead. It is great for the economy and great for the environment

It is a good thing the Energy Secretary has not listened to the ‘naysayers’ who continually talk down renewable energy.

This offshore renewable energy source will be able to provide energy for approximately 450,000 homes and is an investment in our energy security for the future, helping to make Britain self-sufficient in the future.”